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The state-of-the-art ALL-IN-ONE Real Estate Networking Platform was created specifically for realtors.

Our motivation at Reffhive is in line with that of the agents. We provide leads, and when those leads successfully result in lucrative deals, we receive a closing fee. The conversion of leads into profitable transactions for our network of agents is something we both strive towards.

Reffhive Overview

Reffhive simplifies your lead generation efforts by generating a multitude of leads from diverse online platforms. Our custom geo-targeted ad campaigns deliver essential and relevant information for you. The most appealing aspect? You only pay a closing fee when you successfully close a deal. 

Reffhive Overview
Fusionary Approach

Fusionary Approach

With its fusionary strategy that combines cutting-edge technology and a strong real estate networking platform created
particularly for Realtors, Reffhive is at the forefront of real estate innovation. Our platform strives to improve networking potential and simplify the Lead-Gen procedure, enabling agents to succeed more.

Amplify Your Reach

Expect the best outcomes in your real estate initiatives with Reffhive’s distinctly inventive strategy, exclusive leads, and thorough assistance. As your dependable partner in the real estate sector, Reffhive will help you achieve unmatched success and growth.

Amplify Your Reach
Nurturing Connections

Nurturing Connections

We at Reffhive, recognize the power of solid relationships. Our platform makes it easier to cultivate connections with customers and other agents, building long-term alliances that lead to profitable prospects.

Maximizing Clients

We are committed to increasing the leads potential for both our platform and our agents. Reffhive earns a closing fee when leads successfully convert into profitable agreements, matching our motive with that of our agents to promote success and expansion in the real estate sector.

Maximizing Clients

Here's How It Works

Become A Part Of Our Network

Become a part of our network

Join our private network of realtors to open up a world of business-boosting prospects. Reffhive gives you access to a wide variety of high-quality leads, enabling you to increase your clientele and the success of your real estate endeavors.

Boost your business

Reffhive is dedicated to giving real estate professionals the tools they need to grow their businesses. Joining our network gives you access to a variety of high-quality leads that can help you grow your clientele and your real estate business. Our platform is built to connect you with worthwhile leads possibilities based on your preferences and areas of expertise, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best—closing sales and increasing your performance in the cutthroat market. You can take your company to new heights of profitability and success with Reffhive’s extensive resources and assistance.

Boost Your Business
Enhance Hyper Local Online Visibility

Enhanced hyperlocal online visibility

Utilize our experience in lead creation to improve your local internet exposure. Reffhive makes sure that potential customers
can discover you quickly through targeted marketing initiatives, improving your chances of turning leads into profitable transactions.

Lead Generation

Reffhive’s platform’s value proposition is centered on its lead-generating capabilities. We source and select top-quality leads for real estate agents through smart marketing initiatives and cutting-edge technologies. Our lead-generating procedure is built to make sure you obtain qualified leads that are relevant to your area of expertise and target market. You may save time and money by utilizing our lead creation services while concentrating on turning these leads into profitable deals. Reffhive’s dedication to supplying a consistent flow of high-quality leads gives you the tools you need to take advantage of your business chances and excel in the cutthroat real estate market.

Leads Generation
ISA Verification

ISA Verification

Our group carries out ISA (Inside Sales Agent) verification to guarantee the reliability and caliber of leads. This careful procedure ensures that you get recommendations from reliable sources, saving you time and effort while chasing worthwhile prospects.

Soft Background Check

Use our client’s background checks to put safety and security first. You may be confident that the leads you receive have been vetted to protect the reputation of your real estate business.

Soft Background Check
Qualified Leads​

Qualified Leads​

You can rely on Reffhive to provide you with just the most qualified and prospective recommendations. Our dedication to quality guarantees that you get in touch with customers who actually want your services.

Booking Appointments

Utilize our appointment scheduling system to speed up your lead conversion process. Once the qualification and verification process is completed, we give top priority to scheduling specific appointments for these leads within 24-48 hours. This ensures that our realtors can promptly and effortlessly reach out to them without any inconvenience.

Booking Appointments
Build Relationship & Close

Build relationship & close

Develop trusting connections with your leads as you assist them in the purchasing or selling process. Our platform gives you the tools to establish rapport and trust, which increases your chances of closing business.

Pay at closing

Your success is our top priority at Reffhive. Only when leads successfully result in profitable transactions do you pay us a closing fee, aligning our interests with yours for win-win collaboration.

Pay At Closing
365 Day Support

365 Day Support

Utilize our 365-day support system to get devoted service all year round. Our staff is always there to help, making sure you have the resources and direction necessary to succeed in the real estate market.

Reffhive VS. Other Real Estate companies


Membership Fees $369 /Annual An average $200+/month* up to $1000+/month* $2,500 - $6,000 /month* or $150/lead*
Referral Fees 25% Referral Fee 25% - 50% Variable
Lead Exclusivity All leads First come, First served First come, First served
Price Rate Consistency Depends on the area of interest and market condition Depends on property costs and competition rate in the chosen area Depends on property costs and competition rate in the chosen area
Area Choice Any zip code that has slot available Lower area availability due to high competition Lower area availability due to high competition
Lead Generation Tailored geo-marketing across platforms with owned platform listings for enhanced outreach Marketing campaigns on different platforms Owned platform listings, ads on diverse external platforms for comprehensive reach
Contact Verification Yes No No
Leading Forward Priority First come, First served Allocate leads to agents specializing in designated geographical areas for handling Allocate leads to agents specializing in designated geographical areas for handling
Personalized Ads Compagins Yes No For additional cost
ISA Verified Leads Yes No No
Upload Listings Yes Yes Yes

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