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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Real Estate Platform for Reffhive. We advise familiarizing yourself with the conditions of our agreement before beginning your real estate journey with us. This agreement clarifies for both of us the guidelines, requirements, and standards regulating your use of our platform.


Under these Terms of Use, “Reffhive” refers to the network of websites, including mobile-optimized websites, associated web pages, mobile applications, and other apps. Any user that accesses or makes use of the Reffhive Network is referred to as “You”.

Agreement to Terms

You agree to accept and abide by the terms, conditions, and notices set out here as well as any revisions that Reffhive may make without prior notice by accessing or using any portion of the Reffhive Network, its services, or associated websites. You and Reffhive are parties to a contract that is enforceable by law as a result of your usage of the Reffhive network. To keep informed, be sure to often review the Terms of Use at Terms And Conditions Avoid using or accessing the Reffhive Network if you disagree with these conditions. Additional rules that you must follow may apply in some regions.

Application of the Reffhive Network in General

In compliance with the law and these Terms of Use, Reffhive thus provides you admission to the Reffhive Network for your own, non-commercial use. You acknowledge that:

  • Without express written permission, you may not change, duplicate, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, make derivative works from, transfer, or sell any Reffhive Network material.
  • Cause injury or disruption that prevents others from using the Reffhive Network.
  • Unlawful techniques of information collection or unlawful access to secure areas.
  • You also consent to refrain from linking to the Reffhive Network without the necessary permission. In the event that you violate these Terms of Use, Reffhive has the right to refuse access and usage, modify or stop providing services, and remove links.

Responsibilities of Reffhive

Connection to the Reffhive Network or its offerings may be refused at any time, with or without previous warning, by Reffhive. Your access to and use of the services may be immediately canceled if you breach these terms of use. Reffhive also has the right to alter or stop providing services without liability or prior warning. Links from third parties may allow access to the Reffhive Network, but Reffhive cannot be liable for the validity or dependability of any third-party services. You are in charge of determining the acceptability of these services.

Specifics of the Real Property CMS Platform

Our CMS platform links Real Estate brokers with prospective customers looking for real estate solutions. You accept our conditions by making use of this service. Please don’t use the service if you don’t agree.

Membership Fee, which Is Not Refundable

One must pay a non-refundable membership fee in order to access our service. This charge is non-refundable and payable in advance. Account cancellation or suspension may result from non-payment

Financial and Personal Information

To utilize our service, financial and personal details must be provided. By providing this information, we can create your account, handle payments, and provide the services you’ve requested. By submitting this information, you implicitly agree to our privacy policy.

Cancellation of Service

By providing written notice, you may terminate the service. Refunds are not given in the event of cancellation.


By using the service, including violating these conditions, you agree to hold us harmless from any claims, losses, or damages.

Clause of DNC Protection

Our platform conforms with DNC and information privacy rules and safeguards user privacy. By sending us your personal and financial data, you agree to its collection, use, and dissemination in accordance with our privacy statement. You can choose not to receive marketing materials as a consumer. You must abide by DNC regulations if you work as a real estate agent and defend us against lawsuits brought about by DNC infractions.

The Reffhive Network's content

You commit to publishing true, accurate material on the Reffhive Network. You won’t publish something that is inappropriate or that violates the rights of others. You authorize Reffhive to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, and distribute your work.

Refusal of Warranties

Services, content, and the Reffhive Network are offered “as it is.” Regarding their correctness, relevance, or applicability, Reffhive provides no guarantees, either stated or implied. All guarantees are disclaimed by Reffhive.

Restrictions on Liability

The use of the Reffhive, its services, or its content does not subject Reffhive to liability for direct or indirect losses. The Reffhive Network is used at the user’s own risk.

Ownership along with Copyright

Content on the Reffhive Network is the exclusive property of Reffhive. Reproduction, distribution, or transmission without authorization is not allowed.

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